• In the six years since the foundation was launched in 2012 it has completed eight grant cycles and made 282 Innovation Grants/BOSCH BE3ST Grants for $295,632 in projects that directly support the students of Farmington Public Schools. There are many grants we make that benefit multiple schools. During our Get on the Bus tour our foucs is on on the grants that benefit ONLY the building we are visiting. Our tour visited three buildings:

    Wood Creek Elementary School - which has recieved 6 grants for a total of $5,341

    East Middle School - which has recieved 35 grants for a total of $18,304

    Farmington High School - which has recieved 15 Grants for a total of $9,553

    Save the date for our 2019 tour! May 8, 2019 from 8a - 10a, to recieve an invitation email info@ffhedfoundation.org with the subject - I want to get on the bus!

    Thank you for the photos provided by Deb Jacques courtesy of C&G Newspapers Read all about our first ever Get on the Bus tour here Education foundation goes on the road to woo donors