How OCG Funds are Spent

2008 Warner Middle School Student Council
List of OCG items that are provided as support
  • One of Operation Common Good's goals for the 2018/2019 school year is #nomissedfieldtrips #nokidleftintheoffice!

    No FPS student should EVER remain in the school office because their family was unable to provide the funds for them to participate in a field trip.

    Operation Common Good exists to ensure that ALL FPS students have similar experiences. Staff do not have to second guess the reasons why. If a student's parent is unable to pay for their field trip, OCG will without exception pay for non-overnight field trips. 

    Who funds OCG: OCG receives NO district or state funding. All of the resources used to support student needs are from student led fundraising and community support. The organization while supported by the Foundation is completely volunteer led.

    OCG exists to ensure that ALL children in FPS receive similar experiences this means access to field trips, enrichments and special events. While OCG can't fund everything it can often help bridge the gaps that exist. OCG is a JUDGEMENT free organization. Support is given without bias as needs arise.

    To receive OCG support for one of your students contact Hatty Ligon at or Nancy Jennings at